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The mission of the Bachelors Barge Club is to provide its membership with the opportunity, programs, facilities, and equipment to foster an interest in the sport of amateur rowing, whether on a recreational or competitive level.


The goal at Bachelors Barge Club is to foster a rowing environment rich in club pride and individual achievement.


  • To develop and implement programs which promote and encourage the development of highly trained rowers

  • To provide the equipment and facilities necessary to support to a quality community

  • To maintain open communication through a variety of member activities and publications

  • To preserve the unique history of our boathouse

  • To continue to develop a diverse membership

Committee Leaders

Membership –Toby Hogan

Social – Karen Becker

Equipment – Elisabetta Manduchi

Show and Row – Karin Tetlow

Committee leaders meet at each membership meeting. Full committees are made up of our active membership and work together.