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Members gain access to many benefits including:

  • Access to club boats and the Schuylkill River via the largest dock on Boathouse Row

  • Access to brand new ergometers every year and weight room

  • Access to showers, changing rooms, and lockers

  • Formal and informal group rowing sessions

  • Access to coaching through private lessons and group programs

  • Informal coaching from experienced rowers

  • Access to club logbook for tracking miles rowed

  • Social events

  • Regatta participation

  • Use of the club meeting room, WiFi and river view deck after workouts

  • Availability to reserve club meeting room for private functions

  • Participation in exclusive events

  • Participation in club decision making, including new boat acquisitions and improvements to the club’s facilities

  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities for the club and through the Schuylkill Navy and river restoration affiliates

  • Private boat storage: available on a yearly basis

  • A team environment within the club


Must be over 18 years old and not in a current high school or club program.  You need to know how to and be able to demonstrate an ability to swim, and have no physical limitations that would prevent you from rowing. Members must also be willing to follow club rules.


Complete the form below and we will get back to you to let you know if membership spaces are available. If so, you will make an appointment with a BBC coach for a boathouse orientation and skills evaluation.

If you are new to the sport, there are two possible routes to begin your rowing journey. We offer group learn-to-row classes, as well as private lessons. You will need to download a waiver and info sheet and bring them with you to your first session. Space is limited, so we encourage those with interest to apply early in each season. If we do not have any openings, those interested will be put on a waiting list.

Name *
Let us know your rowing history or sports background and what is driving you to want to row.


After joining, Members will receive a handbook that explains the history, aims, and all the rules of the club. Members will also be provided a key to the boathouse. Initial rowing lessons are all in “gigs”, one-person training boats. After about five or six lessons, most people are ready to row on their own.

After 50 miles, new members are allowed to row in team boats. After about 200 miles in a gig, most people are reevaluated by a coach and may be promoted to a more advanced rowing shell. If a new member has sculling experience, an exception to these guidelines may be made.

These two forms are required for new members and program participants. Please complete and send to 

Membership Form

Membership Waiver

Membership Handbook


Renewing members wishing to pay their dues online can click the button below. ***Please use Edge or Safari browsers to make payments***